Sunday, October 25, 2009

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Swatches

Here are the swatches to all the NYX ultra pearl mania i own. All of these are swatched wet using MAC fix+.

WHAT IS IT?: These are loose shadows that can be applied wet or dry as an eye shadow, used as liner, mixed in with nail polish, used as blush, or mixed with clear gloss to make a colored lipgloss.

HOW MANY COLORS ARE THERE?: There are 30 colors to choose from

PRICE: $1.50 - $2.00 each depending on where you buy them

FAVORITES: Nude, silver, turqouise, and walnut


Monday, September 28, 2009

NYS cosmetics autumn sale 2009

NYX is having their yearly sale on their items! This year it is mostly colored mascaras, liquid liners, nyx lips lipsticks, lip glosses, and eyeshadow singles.
You buy these items in bulk and save 80%
there are three sets, one goes for $25, the next for $25.60 and the next for $10.50 ... get yours while supplies last! only 500 sets of each!

Almay smart shade makeup

Out of boredom today i took a trip to big lots to see what they had for makeup and hair products.

Nothing perked my interest for makeup until i came across almay smart shade makeup. It was a value pack with the foundation and concealer as a bonus. I was torn about getting it, put it back a few times, and reven at the counter contemplated putting it on top of the gum and not buying it. I figured though, when i go on small over night trips with boyfriend or whatever, i need a foundation that i can apply easily instead of my revlon colorstay which is a process within itself.

I was skeptical of the whole "smart shade" thing. I didn't buy that a white liquid would turn into my skin tone. I tried it when i got home and it does turn skin tone when you rub it in. When you squeeze the foundation out of the tube, it's a white lotion type liquid with gray beads in it. Yes, it turns skint one, but it didn't turn my skin tone. I got light, and it is still about a shade and a half too dark for me. That is not shade matching.

I will say that botht he foundation and the concealer give nice coverage and blend very nicely and don't feel heavy on the skin. This is just my initial reaction to the product, and i will try it out for a week and let you all know what i think of it after that.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

MIA for a while huh?

I've been having trouble remembering my blogspot and couldn't log in for a while, but issue is resolved. I also made another blogspot account because i couldn't log into this one, but Incidentally i forgot that username too. I need to learn how to write things down more often.

However, I bought myself a new car back in June so i thought i wouldn't be investing so much into makeup but, i can't kick the habit. I've been taking it easy on higher end brands and discovering good quality cheaper alternatives.

I've done some major hauling from, I've made 4 orders this month alone, and have discovered the magic of all their coupon codes. I will be doing video hauls on my youtube account and also product reviews on here as well as on my youtube channel on my ELF items. I just placed another order about 10 minutes ago because i have a coupon for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ALL STUDIO LINE. After that purchase i now own 95% of the studio line.

coupon code: STUDIOBO

Happy hauling!

Monday, April 20, 2009

MAC dupes


I did some experimenting the other night to come up with some dupes for MAC shadows, i only went through one of my MAC palettes though, and i tried to get some dupes for colors that you can't buy at MAC counters anymore. The dupes are mostly from the Coastal Scents 56 shimmer palette.

The quality in the coastal scents palette is not the same high grade quality as mac shadows are, but they arevery pigmented and if you're looking for dupes to do some looks you've seen using these eyeshows they are good. Plus if yopu're just starting to get into makeup and aren't willing to spend around $15 for an eyeshadow you can pick up palettes from coastal scents for around $20 which is a really good deal!

#1.) MAC cranberry, a red golden rust color, very pretty. On the top, as you can see, is MAC cranberry eyeshadow. On the bottom there is NYX Burgundy pearl, which is basically identical to cranberry.
MAC cranberry: $14.50 @ MAC
NYX burgundy pearl: $4.00 @ cherry culture

#2.) MAC lotusland (limited edition from the starflash collection) a creamy violet color. This color is swatched on the top. On the bottom i have a color from the Coastal Scents 56 shimmer palette which is 4 over and 2 down in the palette. It's a tad darker but if you're looking for a dupe for this, this is your color.
MAC lotusland: $10.00 @ CCO (if available)
Coastal Scents 56 shimmer palette: $20.00 @ coastal scents

#3.) MAC evening aura (limited edition from the neoscifi collection) a light yellow-orange color. This is the color swatched on the bottom. On the top of that swatch there is another coastal scents 56 shimmer palette color which is 2 over and 3 down in the palette.
MAC evening aura: $10.00 @ CCO (if available)
Coastal Scents 56 shimmer palette: $20.00 @ coastal scents

#4.) MAC Satin Taupe, a creamy light brown color, it's one of the most popular MAC colors. This is swatched on the top of the dupe. The dupe is also from the coastal scents 56 shimmer palette which is 10 over and 4 down in the palette. I swatched these and it's nearly impossible to tell them apart.
MAC satin taupe: $14.50 @ MAC
Coastal Scents 56 shimmer palette: $20.00 @ coastal scents

#5.) MAC Glamour Check! (limited edition from the starflash collection) a deep chestnut brown color. The dupe for this is again out of the coastal scents 56 shimmer palette and is 10 over and 3 down in the palette.
MAC glamour check!: $10.00 @ CCO (if available)
Coastal Scents 56 shimmer palette: $20.00 @ coastal scents

#6.) MAC magnetic fields (limited edition from the neoscifi collection) a smokey medium brown which is perfect for a smokey eye. The dupe for this is once agian from the coastal scents 56 shimmer palette which is 9 over and 3 down in the palette. This is another dupe that is pretty much impossible to tell a difference from the MAC shadow.
MAC magnetic fields: $10.00 @ CCO (if available)
Coastal Scents 56 shimmer palette: $20.00 @ coastal scents

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

This is a product I've been using for about 4 years now, I started using it when it first came out. Summer 2006 is when i really got addicted to it. I love this product, everytime i go to walmart i grab another tube, they're all over my bathroom and my bedroom haha.

They've changed the formulas recently and instead of having just the one general jergens natural glow, they have express, revitalizing, and firming. I haven't tried the express yet, because the normal one bumps up my color within an hour or so with just one application and i'm a little scared i'll have too much color with the express. I love the revitalizing though, it's very moisturizing and makes your skin look good.

I use the one for fair skin tones and it really makes me dark. I feel like i don't need to go out in the sun and tan because this is perfect and so much better for my skin than too much sunlight. It is intense, so after you apply this you should wash your palms and between your fingers and toes to makes sure you don't get those weird streaky spots. Overall though, this product does not streak on your skin, it gives amazing color. If you apply it everyday you will be at full intensity by the end of the week. Applying it right after you get out of the shower is best. I apply mine when i get out of the shower and before i go to bed at night. My skin gets to full intensity in about 3 days. Once you hit that and you want to go darker, you can buy the next one up in color and apply that. This is what i do during the summer and i look extremely tan and never orange.

Overall i love this product and would recommend it to everyone that is looking for a natural looking tan without the sunlight!

Monday, April 13, 2009

spring trend for nail polish from sephora

So, i noticed the polishes the other day at sephora. Some are really pretty and some are nothing too special. There's mixed reviews about them, but i always find OPI nail polish to be among the best and is what i take along with my when i get my nails done for the salon to use.

WHAT IS IT?: These are nail polish colors that OPI specially made for sephora, and you can only find them in sephora stores or online.

HOW MANY COLORS ARE THERE?: There are 60 colors to choose from

PRICE: $9.00 each

FAVORITES: These are what i picked up and really like from the collection!

ARM CANDY: sephora says this is a "bright hot pink" ... i swatched it and it's not a "bright" hot pink, but it definatly is a hot pink. Very cute if you're looking for a color to pair with a summer dress.

MR. RIGHT NOW: sephora says this is a "classic wine." i swatched it and it is very true to what their description is. i'll confess, i'm in love with the classic dark wine color, i used to use tulipe noir by chanel and loved it, and then i used the sephora brand of a classic wine, and unless my toe nails are frenched, i ALWAYS have this color on them. It's a color that goes with everything and i highly recommend it!

BYO BOY: sephora says this is a "spicy rose brown." swatched it, wouldn't really know how to describe this though. I definatly love the color though, it's different to say the least. Would be be really good paired with black or brown, it's more of a fall color than a spring, but still pretty nonetheless.

DEAR DIARY: sephora says this is a "warm light pink", very true to their description. I think everyone needs a color like this. It's a "goes with everything" color and a no brainer when you're looking for a quick polish to go out. Very pretty, very versatile.

SKINNY JEANS: sephora says this is a "metallic aqua." i was very skeptical about buying this color, i'm a very stay-in-the-lines kind of person when i comes to my nail polish, i think the most daring thing i've done is a bright barbie pink that you could see from a mile away. But this color really stood out to me and i thought it would look really interesting as tips for my french, so fingers crossed that it will look that good. If you like blue polishes this one is really beautiful, it is a BRIGHT aqua with some shimmer, very cute.
always feel free to leave questions, comments, and feedback!!

xoxo Chantal