Saturday, September 26, 2009

MIA for a while huh?

I've been having trouble remembering my blogspot and couldn't log in for a while, but issue is resolved. I also made another blogspot account because i couldn't log into this one, but Incidentally i forgot that username too. I need to learn how to write things down more often.

However, I bought myself a new car back in June so i thought i wouldn't be investing so much into makeup but, i can't kick the habit. I've been taking it easy on higher end brands and discovering good quality cheaper alternatives.

I've done some major hauling from, I've made 4 orders this month alone, and have discovered the magic of all their coupon codes. I will be doing video hauls on my youtube account and also product reviews on here as well as on my youtube channel on my ELF items. I just placed another order about 10 minutes ago because i have a coupon for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ALL STUDIO LINE. After that purchase i now own 95% of the studio line.

coupon code: STUDIOBO

Happy hauling!

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