Monday, April 13, 2009

spring trend for nail polish from sephora

So, i noticed the polishes the other day at sephora. Some are really pretty and some are nothing too special. There's mixed reviews about them, but i always find OPI nail polish to be among the best and is what i take along with my when i get my nails done for the salon to use.

WHAT IS IT?: These are nail polish colors that OPI specially made for sephora, and you can only find them in sephora stores or online.

HOW MANY COLORS ARE THERE?: There are 60 colors to choose from

PRICE: $9.00 each

FAVORITES: These are what i picked up and really like from the collection!

ARM CANDY: sephora says this is a "bright hot pink" ... i swatched it and it's not a "bright" hot pink, but it definatly is a hot pink. Very cute if you're looking for a color to pair with a summer dress.

MR. RIGHT NOW: sephora says this is a "classic wine." i swatched it and it is very true to what their description is. i'll confess, i'm in love with the classic dark wine color, i used to use tulipe noir by chanel and loved it, and then i used the sephora brand of a classic wine, and unless my toe nails are frenched, i ALWAYS have this color on them. It's a color that goes with everything and i highly recommend it!

BYO BOY: sephora says this is a "spicy rose brown." swatched it, wouldn't really know how to describe this though. I definatly love the color though, it's different to say the least. Would be be really good paired with black or brown, it's more of a fall color than a spring, but still pretty nonetheless.

DEAR DIARY: sephora says this is a "warm light pink", very true to their description. I think everyone needs a color like this. It's a "goes with everything" color and a no brainer when you're looking for a quick polish to go out. Very pretty, very versatile.

SKINNY JEANS: sephora says this is a "metallic aqua." i was very skeptical about buying this color, i'm a very stay-in-the-lines kind of person when i comes to my nail polish, i think the most daring thing i've done is a bright barbie pink that you could see from a mile away. But this color really stood out to me and i thought it would look really interesting as tips for my french, so fingers crossed that it will look that good. If you like blue polishes this one is really beautiful, it is a BRIGHT aqua with some shimmer, very cute.
always feel free to leave questions, comments, and feedback!!

xoxo Chantal

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