Monday, September 28, 2009

Almay smart shade makeup

Out of boredom today i took a trip to big lots to see what they had for makeup and hair products.

Nothing perked my interest for makeup until i came across almay smart shade makeup. It was a value pack with the foundation and concealer as a bonus. I was torn about getting it, put it back a few times, and reven at the counter contemplated putting it on top of the gum and not buying it. I figured though, when i go on small over night trips with boyfriend or whatever, i need a foundation that i can apply easily instead of my revlon colorstay which is a process within itself.

I was skeptical of the whole "smart shade" thing. I didn't buy that a white liquid would turn into my skin tone. I tried it when i got home and it does turn skin tone when you rub it in. When you squeeze the foundation out of the tube, it's a white lotion type liquid with gray beads in it. Yes, it turns skint one, but it didn't turn my skin tone. I got light, and it is still about a shade and a half too dark for me. That is not shade matching.

I will say that botht he foundation and the concealer give nice coverage and blend very nicely and don't feel heavy on the skin. This is just my initial reaction to the product, and i will try it out for a week and let you all know what i think of it after that.

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